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Boarding Schools VS Day Schools For Kids -- Yes or No??

Is Maybe even an option??

Hiya people!.... Today is that day of the week again....Woohoo!!...Mid-week debate!!!! I got an interesting debate for us today, one that came as a result of a conversation I was having with my one-man audience yesterday.......I am sure you are aware of my stand when it comes to kids...(still considering tho')....Erhmm...This topic has a way of driving a wedge between a couple especially when they do not come to an agreement.........See, whenever kids are involved, emotions go wild...cuz you wanna do the best for them right? when the time to pick a school comes.....that's a totally different ball game......I am sure we all know what a day school is and what a boarding school is.......I see the day school system as a 5-day routine and the boarding school system as a 7-day routine.....I attended a day school and I did infact love it...and at that time, I wouldn't have agreed to a boarding school buh today??.....I am all in favor of a boarding school system whenever I have kids....buh I need to clear a popular belief before I go ahead - You don't have to be a helicopter parent to send your kids to a boarding school.......(helicopter parents are extremely busy parents)......So yeah.....I would prefer a boarding school to a day school for my kids.....Let's talk....

  • Discipline - Now....discipline can be very hard to instill in kids....I believe this is where boarding school comes in....especially when you need to enforce punctuality...(Grr...Tibs has a problem with this)... I know that kids who are naughty and very disobedient get shipped to boarding school to change that attitude...and one of the ways to change that attitude will be to put them on strict timetables....they are sometimes mandated to be punctual on all classes...both academic and extracurricular and I don't see day schools being this efficient....
  • Teacher Guidance - Some boarding schools have limited number of kids in each classroom as opposed to day schools and this helps the teacher to concentrate on each kid and any slow-learner in the class......any slow-learner has the opportunity of getting appropriate/required guidance.....besides approaching their teachers would be very easy for them since the teachers are available in the school throughout the day....
  • Family Problems - I think that kids that come from divorce or separated homes or in a case where they have parents who get posted to different cities or states, at the risk of changing schools everytime there is a move, I think Boarding school is perfect for these kids. (sometimes moving around has a strain on kids academically, they end up one class behind)
  • Sports and Extracurricular - When I think of sports, I see a word - TEAMWORK!.... Some boarding schools have some amazing infrastructure for sports and kids are encouraged to participate in at least one outdoor sport.... this is supposed to help them be physically fit.....For kids who take part in inter-school tournaments, they get to interact with kids from other schools and that helps them develop a sense of friendship at that young age....I believe that engaging in sports helps kids build a team spirit and also help them intellectually.......most day schools neglect this part alot....they don't think it is necessary to build these kids in a team way...

And you know personally, I feel like boarding schools give fewer distractions to kids.....I mean they are kept well away from the life of the urban areas cuz most boarding schools are situated outside the city or a remote place and they don't have the opportunity to get themselves involved in any harmful activity or habit.....they get to concentrate more.......and this is my take on this topic - I believe that kids should be sent to boarding schools......

Okay Your turn......tell me what you you think kids should be sent to boarding schools or day schools?? Whatever your choice is...justify it....So now...Let's talk....


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  2. I'm a product of a Boarding school, it absolutely the best! However it shouldn't just be any environment where student are not allowed out, it should be a school that is worth the name a boarding school! It helps the child mingle with people from both rich,megarich, poor and extremely poor home, it allows for cross breeding of ideas(oh the list endless) my opinion however is; it MUST be mix, not only one gender! It bad for the child social development! Good day TTT people

  3. Ok, do you mean primary school or secondary school??
    Well, am all for the boarding house, if anything it breeds dependence but it depends on the type of school oh. The school my younger ones attend, the laundry guys do their laundry for them so when they come home I don't see any effect of the boarding house in them.
    OK back to the topic, there kids learn to be independent, they are quite mature since there's no mum or dad to wake them up and all.
    As per the family problems, you know when it's time for holidays, they start having this apprehension since they would be going back to their hot house and that's not too good.
    Also, the kids have time for more useful activities unlike day students who might just spend after school hours watching TV or engaging in other unprofitable ventures.
    Boarding school also helps to develop and sharpen inter personal relationships.

  4. I like day school and I attended one. The tales I hear of boarding school is not nice at all. Some peeps change to day school after their first year.

  5. I'm gonna be biased about this topic. Going with d day school regardless the grade. My kids aint going to any boarding school. + Boarding schools scare me lately with the rampant gay shii*


  6. I was a day student and i have no regrets but i think i would like my children to have the experience of the two. So they would be day students when they are in junior high and go to boarding school when they are in senior high. See best of both worlds...

    1. Just what I was going to write. You took the word right out of my mouth. I attended day school but my kids are doing both. So I can't really say anything on this topic.

  7. I disagree with u. I've seen both worlds. I attended boarding school in my senior secondary school classes till I was through with it.

    When I was in day school I was so good. All I had 2 do was take my bath my uncle or driver or mum will drop me at school. During closing time they will pick me up. I didn't even know what sex was. I was naïve and good. This is 4rm 2001 to 2004. The disadvantage is that I wasn't street wise and I was slow in doing so many things. My dad said I lacked discipline. And tv was my best friend. Any major series I couldn't miss; buffy the vampire slayer, friends,bay watch hawaii, sweet valley high, desperate house wife, 90210 etc. Name it. My best friends were my mum and dad also. My mum was the only one allowed 2 make my hair. I still love them so much. Then my lovely younger siblings. My dad had to change me cus I wasn't exposed. N he did it in ss1. The beginning of my discipline was cutting my hair. I cried my eyes out. My dad was consoling me. Telling me it was the best 4 me.

    When I got 2 boarden school within one week I have 2 give the details of the list of things that were missing. My pants, bras, buckets, irons, plates, uniform. I cried my eyes out. Imagine a 14yr old ss1 girl crying like a baby. I learned how 2 steal. I had 2 get back my properties. I stole spoon, plate, iron, hanger, bucket but not pant and bra.

    I learnt how to dulge activities like sport. I use 2 hide under my bunk and use a big bag 2 cover myself. With my small body that time. They didn't see me. Cus it was a catholic school Everyday was mass. I learnt how 2 dulge mass in SS2 and SS3. When I did apendix operation, that was the end of Labour, mass and sports lol!! I enjoyed the free times. I just present my doctor's report. But it expired after six month. So I invented other strategy.

    In SS2 that's when I knew people really have sex but I didn't indulge. The guys will take the girls 2 a corner 2 suck booby and touch vjayjay. They even got down in some empty classes during nite prep. Can u imagine. A close bunk mate had an abortion. I don't know how she did it but all I know is that she was bleeding.

    Let me talk about the hygiene. If u don't go 2 toilet by 6 to 7am ur doomed. Save it till the next day. By that time that's when the cleaners clean the toilet. And toilet infection was rampant so our school clinic was always giving medications 2 female students on toilet infection. The school had to do something but it didn't help. Mind u my school wasn't aje kpako. It was mixed. Middle class and rich. Pls my school was over crowded contrary to what u said but their were sufficient classes 4 all. We had 2 bath on the interlocked places 2 save time. N can u imagine that a reverend brother comes 2 the hostel when we r bathing 2 do like he is inspecting. N no one says anything.

    The advantage is that I learnt how 2 b street wise. I knew what sex was so that boys in school wouldnt use my head ( though I use 2 watch tv that time but didn't understand it).
    I learnt how 2 fight 4 my right. Not physical right ( though I fought ones in SS1 and it was my besty). I learnt how 2 be me. I learnt how 2 be punctual and early. The advange is much and so is the disadvantage.

  8. Guys, Thank you so much for participating.....This is why TTT is a fun place...cuz of you guys :)


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